Community Focused, Globally Minded

As a woman- and veteran-owned company, we’re proud to partner with artisans and small businesses from the Tahoe region and beyond to create innovative gifting experiences that bring people together. Sustainability and reciprocity inform all our choices, from product sourcing to packaging to nonprofit partnerships.

Our Story

Darya, a graphic designer from Big Sur, and Matthew, a Finnish-born nomad who wandered the Appalachians in his youth, have been hearing the call of the mountains their whole lives. 

When Matthew retired from a career in Naval Special Warfare and Darya left her corporate job to establish roots in the mountains, they sought beautiful water and a strong community. Looking for ways they might contribute to their village and beyond, they created a company to help people show their appreciation for one another. 

Tahoe Gifting Co makes gifting a memorable experience for both giver and receiver. Our unique combination of original design, attention to detail, and the highest quality goods from local artisans provides just that kind of experience for individuals and large organizations alike.

Our Philosophy

Real Connections

Our first year in business, we delivered a condolence basket to a grieving widow, and for a moment, her sorrow transformed into joy. That's when we knew we were on to something. Now, our clients are often just as thrilled with our gifts as the people receiving them. We love receiving an excited email from a corporate client whose employees are gushing about the thoughtfulness of their holiday gifts, or a note from a property manager whose guests loved their welcome gifts.

Artisan Quality

We search for handcrafted, small-batch products made by people who take pride in their work and use responsibly-sourced and eco-conscious materials whenever possible—and we hold ourselves to the same standard. We’re always looking for creative ways to reduce our footprint while expanding our premium lineup of products and elevating our designs.

Gifting that Gives Back

We believe happiness comes from contribution. We’re proud to give back to 10+ nonprofit organizations advocating for local wildlife, environmental preservation, veterans, food security, and more. 2% of every purchase our clients make supports these organizations who make such a big impact on us and our communities. 

Our Team

Cofounder, CEO & Creative Director

Darya Shahvaran

After years of designing for big brands, Darya was eager to build a company she believed in. Now she puts her extensive creative skills to use for Tahoe Gifting Co, doing everything from photography to product development to illustration. Her vision of small businesses and artists banding together guides every move we make as we create an unmatched gifting experience for clients.

Cofounder & CFO

Matthew Rautio

Matthew has always enjoyed being on teams who produce exponentially better results through collaboration. Building the Tahoe Gifting Co team drives him every day. His talent for evaluating people based on character and competence helped him identify TGC’s first Marketing Director, Aleina Edwards, who continues to drive our company to the next level. 

Marketing Director

Aleina Edwards

Aleina is a writer and strategist from Los Angeles who first discovered the magic of Lake Tahoe during childhood visits up north. She studied communications at the University of Pennsylvania, and spent several years on the east coast working as a research and marketing consultant for Fortune 50 companies. Since heading back west, she’s focused on supporting and growing creative start-ups like Tahoe Gifting Co through multimodal communications and marketing strategies.

Account & Events Manager

Chelsey Elkik

As a member of the USA karate team, Chelsey started traveling the world at young age. Her drive to discover new places and products, coupled with her passion for small businesses—her dad owned a local pizza shop—brought her to Tahoe Giting Co after years in corporate financial services and travel brokerage. Now, Chelsey fuses her knowledge of small business management, travel and hospitality, and adventure to forge powerful partnerships and create exceptional client experiences.

Greeter & Company Therapist


Bob joined our tribe thanks to This Able Veteran, a life-changing organization which trains and provides PTSD service dogs for veterans still making "the journey back home." Bob is our company mascot and works the front when we're all in the shop. He's a force of love on this earth who lives the motto “work hard, play hard.” He loves everything alive and the outdoors, always reminding us that life is happening right now...and now!