Together, We’re Better

Our environment, our economy, our community—we're dedicated to supporting our neighbors and the beautiful place we call home. Our partnerships with local vendors and incredible nonprofit organizations enable us to create a kinder, more connected world.

Our Vendors

'Shop Small' is not just a trending hashtag—it's a lifestyle we practice and genuinely believe in. Local businesses help our small community and others like it thrive! We’ve partnered with nearly 100 small businesses and makers in the Reno-Tahoe region and beyond to share the gift of artisan quality and support the local economy.

Our Values


We’re a Lake Tahoe-based company, and we got into gifting to support the incredible makers and fellow small business owners in our community. So far, we’ve joined forces with nearly 100 vendors in the Sierra Nevada and have shared their products with people across the world. We also believe real equity is built from the bottom up, which is why 70% of our partners are women-owned and operated.


We’ll state the obvious: no matter the product, good quality can’t be beat. That’s why we choose vendors based on the ingredients they put in their food products, and the durability of the materials they use. We pay close attention to craft to ensure we’re sourcing goods that will last a lifetime. If we can’t find products that check our boxes in the Tahoe area, we’ll search for options elsewhere.


In our opinion, beautiful and meaningful is the best gifting combo. We support artisans working with heritage craft processes rooted in place and tradition. Gifting is always an exchange, and sharing our makers’ stories and histories with clients is a key part of that. Honest materials, classic designs, and handmade products make us extra happy, and we know they’ll do the same for you. 


When we got into this business, we knew we had to do something about waste without sacrificing style. We offer elegant packaging options that you can safely recycle, and bespoke designs you’ll want to keep and reuse year after year. We partner with vendors who share our priorities: more compostable and biodegradable solutions, and fewer single-use plastics. We love to share our wins, like our amazing biodegradable packing peanuts and new gift boxes made from grass, but we’re always looking to improve our sustainability practices. Got an idea? Shoot us an email!


We founded Tahoe Gifting Co to build community — and we do everything we can to ensure the people behind our products are taken care of, no matter where they live. We work closely with our vendors to understand how they source and create their products. Most of our goods are responsibly made in the U.S., and we check all documentation for products made outside the U.S. to ensure practices meet fair trade standards.

Our Nonprofit Partners

To make a measurable impact on the issues that matter most to us, we’ve partnered with 10 nonprofits that operate locally and globally. As a woman- and veteran-owned business based in the Sierra Nevada, we’re especially passionate about environmental preservation and supporting U.S. military veterans and their families. 2% of every purchase our clients make supports organizations who care for our environment and communities.