At Tahoe Gifting Co, we know gifting is all about creating connections, and nothing brings people together like a shared experience. Remember the last time you went on a great trip with friends, or did something special with your family? The tokens we take home from these events—souvenirs, photos, and of course, the memories—all reinforce how important that time together was. 

On-site gifting stations work the same way. Your guests can mingle and browse a suite of curated and personalized gifts that speak to your company values and event theme. It’s a win-win: you get to communicate more about your brand and values, and guests get to choose exactly what they want from a range of gift options. Everyone leaves a little more fulfilled.

We’ll walk you through the process of creating an on-site gifting station fit for any event. 

Picking your budget and products

As you start thinking about the types of gifts you want for your event, we recommend settling on a price per guest, which will be a useful rule of thumb as you think about your product selection. Do you want everyone to be able to take home a set of smaller items, or do you want to offer a couple big-ticket items for them to choose from? There are so many ways we can design a gifting station to work within your budget. 

To make things easy, all of our on-site gifting stations are prepaid, so guests feel like they’re on a shopping spree, but you know exactly what you’re spending. 

Employee setting up a custom on-site gifting station

Personalizing packaging and products

Personalization is always on the table. Branded bags or products with custom engraved names signal you really thought about this event and want to truly acknowledge the people who came. 

We can create custom kraft paper bags, cotton totes, and other carry-alls before the event so they’re ready to be filled on-site. It doesn’t end there, though. Plenty of our products can be laser-engraved or printed with your company’s logo, an event name, or any other personalized text. We love laser-engraved drinkware, like hand blown pint glasses or stainless steel tumblers, as well as customized cutting boards. Take things one step further with bespoke handmade cookies with your logo or branding. 

On-site gifting station with customized menu

Creating a theme 

Custom gifting stations are an opportunity for you to tie your event theme to the special keepsakes that will remind guests of the time you shared together. 

On-site gifting stations are a more interactive version of typical corporate gifting, and experiential events can really boost brand awareness. Hosting a corporate retreat at Lake Tahoe? Let the landscape be the inspiration. Choose some Tahoe-inspired products, like our Tahoe Time candle or the North Drinkware Lake Tahoe Blanket

If you’re hosting an active event in another local, opt for Hibear All Day Adventures Flasks in a color that works for your concept, or an assortment of all-natural treats that your guests will definitely devour over the weekend. 

We source products made with intention that are designed to last, so there are plenty of timeless options to choose from. All-natural skincare and self-care products, handmade soaps and soaks, and functional supplies like notebooks and pens can work with just about any theme. 

Man arranging gifts on an on-site gifting station table

Gifting your values

Gifting stations serve as touchpoints for your values as a company. These days, ensuring your corporate gifting initiatives are aligned with your bigger values is crucial. Even something as small as a chapstick can communicate the things you really care about.

Focused on sustainability? Our products are all ethically sourced and sustainably crafted—many of them are made in small batches right here around Lake Tahoe. Is environmental preservation a cause you care about? We partner with vendors and organizations like Tahoe Timber, Commons Customs, and Mountain Area Preservation, all of whom use reclaimed or found woods and work to preserve the Sierra forests. 

As a woman-owned company ourselves, we’re proud to say over 70% of our vendors are women-owned and -led. Select bath, beauty, and home products from lines like Ebb & Flow, Quench Botanica, and Sierra Botanica to support local women entrepreneurs. We also have products by local artists including Bryn Merrell and Sara Smith.

Gifts on an on-site gifting station table

We’re all hungry for meaningful interactions in this digital age, and on-site gifting stations are great ways to connect with your guests on a personal level. Choose gifts that speak to your event theme and company values, and arrange options so guests feel like the choice is all theirs. 

Curious about other ways to make an impact with good gifting? Here are some other ways Tahoe Gifting Co can partner with you:

  1. Wedding gifting: Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, wedding welcome gifts, wedding party favors, and more. 
  2. Event & milestone gifting: Anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions—where there’s party, there’s personalized gifting. 
  3. Bespoke Boxes: You've never received a gift quite like this. From the packaging to the items inside, our bespoke boxes are original artworks made just for you. 
If you need some gifts at the click of a button, check out our online store. We have a range of curated gift boxes that are ready to ship, and a Create Your Own feature that lets you browse our shelves and pack a gift box just the way you like it.

Ways To Gift With Us

We specialize in fully custom artisan gifts for weddings, corporate gifting, and events. Our in-house design team will work hand-in-hand with you to create gifts that shine. Explore all our custom gifting options below.


Show your wedding guests how much they mean to you with personalized bridesmaid gifts, wedding welcome bags, reception table gifts and more. We’ll collaborate on design and take care of venue coordination and delivery so you can focus on your celebration.

Corporate Gifting

Your employees and clients are all unique, and your corporate gifting should be, too. We’ll design your branded packaging in-house and curate collections your employees and clients will be amazed by. From design and assembly to venue coordination and delivery, we take pride in our ability to make your job easier and give your employees gifts they’ll remember.

Events & Milestones

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honoring a graduation, or throwing a big birthday party, we’ll create custom gift sets tailored to the occasion. Commemorate your event with laser-engraved keepsakes, custom cards, and personalized packaging.