Tahoe Gifting Co began as "Tahoe Welcome Baskets," and as you can guess, we did one thing: gift baskets. While we now offer a lot more than that, from wedding gifting to on-site gifting stations for corporate and milestone events, that focus on interpersonal exchange is still at the heart of what we do. How can we make something that feels as personal as if you put it together yourself?

Simple: let you create your own custom gifts. We built an easy-to-use, hyper customizable Create Your Own online tool where you can shop our entire inventory, pick the products you love, choose your packaging, and even include a handwritten card. Read on to learn more about how our Create Your Own tool works, and tips and tricks for making an impact with custom gifting.

Why Create Your Own?

Experts agree corporate gifting is going from canned to custom, a trend we wholeheartedly believe in. Gifts stand out more when they arrive at unexpected moments and include personalized products. Plus, there’s this magic moment of connection when we perfect a new gift set idea: we can visualize it at the event, or arriving at someone’s home. We can imagine the way that gift exchange will make both the giver and recipient feel. We want you to feel that, too. 

There are really endless combinations when it comes to our custom gift sets, so we figured, why not let you get creative? You know exactly what you like, and what your recipient’s tastes are. Plus, we don’t have a Curated Collection gift set for everything (yet). Sometimes customers will come to us, inspired by one of our past projects or Curated Collections, but want to make some tweaks. These are the perfect moments for the Create Your Own tool.  

How the Create Your Own Tool Works

1) Pick your products

To get started, choose at least two of our artisan products for your gift set. There’s no price minimum, so you can start small or go big. 

We have so many products to pick from, so filter our inventory by category: we have Kitchen & Pantry products, Barware & Drinks, and Travel & Adventure goods, just to name a few of our most popular. 

You can also filter products to see which items are customizable, from laser-engraved glasses to embossed leather field journals. Choose from six font options to make sure the style suits the recipient’s taste.

2) Choose your packaging

Next, pick from packaging options that are both eco-friendly and stylish. We offer recycled and paper-free gift boxes in a suite of colors, USA-made wooden gift boxes, and gift baskets with customizable wooden tags. 

Boxes: A classic box of gifts is timeless. These look so good with custom engraving and bespoke designs, too. If you’re sending gifts across the country, gift boxes are a great choice for ensuring a secure and pristine presentation. Choose from wooden options or Zero-Tree, recycled materials to reduce your environmental impact. 

Baskets: These show off a spread of local goods like nothing else. We love them for local deliveries and on-site staging. If you’re making hospitality gifts—for new homeowners, hoteliers, real estate agents, and more—a basket is a great choice. 

3) Personalize your gift set

Did you choose a customized product or box? Here’s where you tell us what text to include, whether it’s a recipient’s or a company’s name. We can also do custom engraving with photos: upload a logo image, or even an image of your handwriting, and we’ll personalize your products and packaging with that. 

There’s really nothing like receiving a handwritten note in these digital days, so we also offer a card option on every gift set. Just type up your message, and we’ll write it on a card made by one of our local Lake Tahoe artists. 

Get Inspired 

Need a little help getting started? Here are some of our favorite custom gift sets customers have created online. Any gift sets can be shipped nationwide, and we offer delivery in the Incline Village-Crystal bay area.

birthday gift box

A Classic Birthday Box

A timeless celebratory gift set with local goods like Sierra Botanica Tahoe Time Candle, Coffeebar instant coffee, and a handmade Cookie Corner treat.

thank you gift box

A Sweet Thank You Gift Box 

This "thank you" gift set features one of our bestsellers, Dorinda’s Chocolates Tahoe Bark, and some delicious Tandem Chocolates fudge. 

real estate and realtor gift baskets

Hospitality & Real Estate Gift Basket 

These custom baskets were hand-delivered to local interior designers who helped a new homeowner settle into her Lake Tahoe home. They included local, handmade goods like a Bryn Merrell Birds of Prey Tea Towel, Tandem Chocolates, and an Ebb & Flow candle.

employee appreciation gift box

Employee Appreciation Gift Box

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be limited to holiday gift boxes for the whole office—a client used our Create Your Own tool to make this sweet employee appreciation box for a new mom on their team. 

Curious about other ways to make an impact with good gifting? Here are some other ways Tahoe Gifting Co can partner with you:

  • Wedding gifting: Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, wedding welcome gifts, wedding party favors, and more. 
  • Event & milestone gifting: Anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions—where there’s party, there’s personalized gifting. 
  • Branded gift experiences: Take your next event to the next level with on-site gifting stations, candy bars, custom signage, and other details tailored to your occasion.
  • Bespoke Boxes: You've never received a gift quite like this. From the packaging to the items inside, our bespoke boxes are original artworks made just for you. 

Ways To Gift With Us

We specialize in fully custom artisan gifts for weddings, corporate gifting, and events. Our in-house design team will work hand-in-hand with you to create gifts that shine. Explore all our custom gifting options below.


Show your wedding guests how much they mean to you with personalized bridesmaid gifts, wedding welcome bags, reception table gifts and more. We’ll collaborate on design and take care of venue coordination and delivery so you can focus on your celebration.

Corporate Gifting

Your employees and clients are all unique, and your corporate gifting should be, too. We’ll design your branded packaging in-house and curate collections your employees and clients will be amazed by. From design and assembly to venue coordination and delivery, we take pride in our ability to make your job easier and give your employees gifts they’ll remember.

Events & Milestones

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honoring a graduation, or throwing a big birthday party, we’ll create custom gift sets tailored to the occasion. Commemorate your event with laser-engraved keepsakes, custom cards, and personalized packaging.