In the past few years, corporate gifting has gone from routine to ritual. Employee appreciation gifting has grown significantly since the pandemic, and now, companies of all stripes are using corporate gifting programs to connect with their employees and acknowledge exceptional performance.   

But good gifting isn’t just marking the end of the year on the calendar or creating a vehicle for corporate branding around the holidays. Value-based gifting means creating thoughtful, curated gifts that communicate your company’s most important beliefs and principles. Gifts aligned with your brand can communicate volumes about your company's culture, enhance employee recognition and engagement, and demonstrate your commitment to your organizational principles. Read on to learn more about choosing gifts that make a statement about who you are. 

Educate and Communicate 

The gifting process is a perfect opportunity to educate employees about your company's values. Of course, the products you choose say a lot about your values as an organization. For instance, if one of your values is sustainability, opt for eco-friendly gifts. If you prioritize innovation, select tech gadgets or products that reflect your creativity and forward-thinking ethos. Home goods like candles or kitchenware are well-suited for employees who work remotely.  

You can cut straight to the point, too, and include a custom-designed card in each gift set that explains how the chosen gifts reflect these values, and what they say about the company’s purpose. Think of this as your gifting mission statement. 

gift box set for employees with custom products

Promote Social Responsibility 

The best gift is often the kind that gives back. Choose gifts that support social responsibility by considering partnerships with charitable organizations, or companies that embody the values you want to convey. 

There are so many factors to consider when you’re searching for gifting partners. Are you an outdoor products company? Join forces with environmental advocacy groups, or gifting companies that prioritize low-impact gifting, whether that’s through their product sourcing, packaging, or both. 

Maybe you run a woman- or women-owned company. Partnering with other women-owned small businesses for gifting is an effective way to communicate that you’re serious about your mission to support women in the workplace. 

In general, shopping small and choosing local products whenever possible is a powerful way to show your employees you care about your community, especially if you are a locally-focused company.

Foster Feedback and Engagement

There is no one size fits all approach to corporate gifting, so make sure to encourage feedback from employees about the gifting process. Generic gifts can actually hurt employee sentiment and engagement, so getting your team’s opinions is crucial. 

Ask them what they think about their gifts: Which item is the most meaningful? Which one do they use the most? Which item makes them feel most proud to be an employee at your company? This input can help you improve the gifting program and ensure it resonates with your workforce.

festive holiday gift box for employees

Lead by Example

If you don’t walk your talk, even the best gifting strategy will fall flat. Company leaders define their corporate culture, and gifts should feel like a natural extension of the environment and ideals in the workplace. When executives and managers embrace their own values, it sets the tone for the entire organization, and gives gifting a lot more impact. 

Revisit and Revise 

Values can and will evolve as your company grows and changes. Periodically review your gifting strategy to ensure it’s aligned with your current values and objectives. 

Ultimately, a savvy corporate gifting program will go a lot further than generating some holiday season cheer. Gifting your values strengthens your brand and brings gratitude into the workplace—and your employees will definitely take notice. Whether you want to order a few curated gifts for a small team, or work with us to create customized corporate gifts for a huge one, Tahoe Gifting Co’s value-first approach to gifting will ensure everyone feels appreciated. 

bespoke gift box for employee appreciation 

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Ways To Gift With Us

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